Neural Networks common mistakes story

The impulse to create the following story was the Twitter post by Andrej Karpathy (Here). His ideas and the community contribution made it a bonanza – a great summary of good and bad Neural Networks practices.

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Adding buildings to Google Maps

This is a story based on Chapter 11. Practical Methodology from Deep Learning Book by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville (Here). Deep Learning Book is a fantastic knowledge collection with a lot of important tips, and some real cases from building Google Maps systems.

Let’s see what difficulties were met, and what decisions were made to overcome them:

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Clothing recommendation story

This is the anonymized story driven from my own experience. I focus here on structuring the project (metrics, splits, steps) and dealing with limited and complex data. I think it’s a very precious story, try it out!

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Pairing lovers story

This is a cool story, a little bit about profiling. It focuses on reading the metrics and taking the correct steps based on different indicators. A very important one!

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Winning the Kaggle competition

I will lead this story using the ABC competition, although the questions here are derived from many more solutions, tips, and advice, from the entire Kaggle platform.

Coming soon